Foggy Old


London! First place I set foot in the Western world, post-Ghana! So obviously I made a bee-line to the nearest adorable cafe to get a real coffee (an Americano, gotta rep sometimes … maybe) and an oatmeal bar.  Healthy, not oily and deep fried!


I had to carry around a big African basket and woven sun hat around all day because I couldn’t leave it in storage. This sucked majorly, and I looked insane. Oh, did I mention after going to the British museum (pictures next post!) I got intensely lost trying to find a restaurant in Shoreditch. Wandering around the wrong places in London for 2 hours carrying way too much shit…sucked a lot. Bad way to end a promising day!



One thought on “Foggy Old

  1. I got lost off of the tube entering london for the first time. all the way into Arsenal. i had all my things for a months stay in greater europe! and they do stare over there don’t they??
    tiring as it must have been, your getting lost IN london was better than waiting in heathrow, a god awful scene. i had a 13 hour layover there and didn’t leave, like a fool.
    I savor the idea of you, batty lady, with the african basket and sunhat wandering around pale old london.

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